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All Projects : QuickBuild (Key: QB)

Project Lead: Robin Shen
URL: https://www.pmease.com
A build automation and management server.

Release Notes

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Popular Issues

(shows the unresolved issues sorted by number of votes, with fix-for versions)
   19    New Feature QB-1807 Script editor for QB Minor Open
   13    Improvement QB-807 Expose QuickBuild artifacts store as Maven/Ivy repository Major Open
   12    New Feature QB-3033 Adding a specific status for "rejected" build Major Open
   11    New Feature QB-3564 Manage Kubernetes Pod definition in QB Major Open
   10    Improvement QB-717 See Variables on Running Build Major Open
   9    New Feature QB-326 Quick Build with High Availability Major Open
   9    Improvement QB-2481 Calculate SCM changes report using last successful build Major Open
   8    Improvement QB-1533 Add error detection to Repository -> Checkout step Major Open
   7    Improvement QB-78 Use wild chars to specify permission for multiple configurations Major Open
   6    New Feature QB-1359 Able to pause the system for maintenance Major Open
   6    Improvement QB-1502 Option to collapse Parent Steps in the Available Steps Minor Open
   6    New Feature QB-3293 Add cancel feature different from stop / forcibely stop Major Open
   6    Improvement QB-1821 Usability Improvements for the Queue page Major Open
   5    Improvement QB-2111 Options Build Cleanup Strategy and Artifact Cleanup Strategy do not support the archiving builds/artifacts. Major Open
   5    Improvement QB-2668 Accept gzip content in HTML reports Major Open
   5    Improvement QB-1103 fetch input/output files between quickbuild servers (trigger other builds) Major Open
   5    New Feature QB-742 shortcut for opening RDP connection to current node Major Open
   5    Improvement QB-2937 Add filtering to Statistics page and Build Stats dashboard gadget Major Open
   5    Improvement QB-2667 Convert/Upgrade QuickBuild to Use P4Java Major Open
   5    Improvement QB-3726 Option to add server url in audit log entries to comply to some audit policies Major Open
   4    Improvement QB-1032 Email Notifications, Receivers field should be scriptable Major Open
   4    Improvement QB-1003 Optionally assign name for the agent instead of always using host name Minor Open
   4    New Feature QB-821 Restart Server without cancelling pending jobs, One click schedule on/off, Email on/off Major Open
   4    Improvement QB-1174 User defined action for "recommended" and "unrecommended" button Major Open
   4    New Feature QB-1943 Version control system for build configurations Major Open
   4    Improvement QB-2024 Ability to view permissions for selected configuration Minor Open
   4    Improvement QB-2327 Support complex pipelines in QuickBuild (ie multi promotion Major Open
   4    Improvement QB-487 Control the progress bar by reporting accurate values in several stages of the build Major Open
   4    Improvement QB-17 Show next build time at build info page Minor Open
   4    New Feature QB-90 Create Maven2 report plugin to generate build statistics of QuickBuild Major Open
   4    New Feature QB-3047 Github Plugin for Marketplace Minor Open
   4    Improvement QB-575 customize color scheme of QuickBuild Major Open
   4    New Feature QB-3572 Declarative pipeline for QB Major Open
   4    Bug QB-1134 CHECKING_BUILD_CONDITIONS step doesn't timeout Major Open
   3    New Feature QB-936 Show builds belonging to an user in my tab Major Open
   3    Improvement QB-599 Add the ability to render a step log into an email notification Minor Open
   3    Improvement QB-887 Integration with VersionOne Major Open
   3    Improvement QB-338 LDAP Failover Major Open
   3    Improvement QB-2084 Failed build gadget improvements Major Open
   3    Improvement QB-2449 Suggestions to improve git performance Major Open
   3    Improvement QB-2549 build artifact collapse Minor Open
   3    Improvement QB-609 Add a "sent notifications" tab to display all users received the build notifiations Major Open
   3    Improvement QB-823 node information in Error Message table Major Open
   3    Improvement QB-822 read-only variables Minor Open
   3    Improvement QB-811 agent properties modification on server side Major Open
   3    Improvement QB-810 full summary of build steps as single view Major Open
   3    Improvement QB-809 Advance option for recreating historical build Major Open
   3    New Feature QB-1606 Fixed-width font and/or syntax highlighting in scriptable fields Minor Open
   3    New Feature QB-2805 add ability to see configuration/step history for any build agent Major Open
   3    New Feature QB-1855 Global search in configuration's steps, variables, repositories, etc. Major Open


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Project Summary

Open Open 763
Reopened Reopened 6
Resolved Resolved 2412
Closed Closed 697

Open Issues

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Major Major 590
Minor Minor 163
Trivial Trivial 10

By Assignee
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Steve Luo 49
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