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All Projects : QuickBuild (Key: QB)

Project Lead: Robin Shen
URL: https://www.pmease.com
A build automation and management server.

Release Notes

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Change Log

   Bug QB-3687 FIXED Bottom half of QB logo is not a clickable link back to server home Major Resolved
   Bug QB-3688 FIXED JIRA issue update step fails Major Resolved
   Bug QB-3686 FIXED Alert Gadget Action Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3626 FIXED A dashboard gadget to display list of builds via groovy script Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3667 FIXED Ability to promote external artifacts specified in configuration setting Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3571 FIXED Ability to retrieve external artifacts (specified in configuration setting) via QuickBuild repository Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3525 FIXED Able to change schedule of queued build requests Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3608 FIXED Able to configure LDAP socket connection/read timeout Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3531 FIXED Able to control permission of queue access in group Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-1901 FIXED Able to launch EC2 spot instance via cloud profile Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3638 FIXED Able to pause/unpause schedule without having EDIT_SETTING permission Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3647 FIXED Add a "Prefer node SUCCESSFULLY running this step previously" Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3625 FIXED Add a small button next to the configuration path or make the configuration icon clickable to paste configuration path in clipboard Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3630 FIXED Allow collapsing of Containers in Steps Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3655 FIXED Better Build Stats Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3668 FIXED Config notifications: include "committers" from the entire upstream pipeline Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3624 FIXED Copy authorized groups automatically when copy a configuration Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3671 FIXED Have "Custom Statistics Report" plugin support JSON format as well Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3579 FIXED Log current step when evaluating step repetition values to help error investigation Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3636 FIXED Make the configuration picker in the gadget scriptable Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3657 FIXED Node configuration comparison Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3604 FIXED Optional password policy to ensure strong passwords Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3551 FIXED Plugin extension point to write build log to other destinations Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3589 FIXED Preserve white spaces in QB log Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3643 FIXED Prevent triggering on disabled configuration through rest API Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3526 FIXED Provide a replace button for existing objects when copy from other configurations Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3610 FIXED RESTful API to retrieve evaluated variable values of configuration Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3573 FIXED Rename groups used in promotion condition also when group renames Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3662 FIXED Retry launching on-demand node via cloud profiles in case there are temporal errors Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3646 FIXED SSO configuration for Quick Build, would like to use Azure as our IDP Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3659 FIXED Spot VM support for Azure cloud profile Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-3272 FIXED Support of Azure DevOps Git Repos Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3649 FIXED Test cloud profile only when necessary Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3661 FIXED UI Polish Major Resolved
   Bug QB-3660 FIXED Unable to run child steps on other nodes if previous node is not available upon retry Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3609 FIXED Use a backoff strategy to persist build request when system is busy to improve performance Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3665 FIXED Validate variables submitted via RESTful api or trigger build step Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3558 FIXED adding Evaluate Velocity Template to utils Major Resolved
   Bug QB-3612 FIXED when importing changes to configs, there is no update to the audit log Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-3669 FIXED Able to sync bootstrap libs to agents Minor Resolved
   Bug QB-3590 FIXED Auto promotion again when a build is recommended Minor Resolved
   Improvement QB-3534 FIXED Do not persist scheduler generated build requests Minor Resolved
   Bug QB-3666 FIXED Failed builds gadget not showing failed builds of specified root Minor Resolved
   New Feature QB-3550 FIXED Offer BCC option in the Send Email Step. Minor Resolved
   Improvement QB-3578 FIXED Send status reason text along with status code in pre-queue evaluation response Minor Resolved
   Improvement QB-3623 FIXED Do not make lastLogin mandatory when creating user via restful api Trivial Resolved


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Project Summary

Open Open 745
Reopened Reopened 7
Resolved Resolved 2196
Closed Closed 576

Open Issues

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Blocker Blocker 2
Critical Critical 15
Major Major 573
Minor Minor 162
Trivial Trivial 10

By Assignee
Robin Shen 709
Steve Luo 42
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