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Key: QB-640
Type: Task Task
Status: Resolved Resolved
Resolution: Won't Fix
Priority: Major Major
Assignee: Robin Shen
Reporter: Rachid
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how to remove references in configuration.xml

Created: 24/Sep/10 05:33 PM   Updated: 14/Oct/10 02:03 AM
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: 3.0.3
Fix Version/s: None

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java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "cleartool" (in directory "W:\rebuild_bnym_6.7_int"): CreateProcess error=267, The directory name is invalid caused by: Cannot run program "cleartool" (in directory "W:\rebuild_bnym_6.7_int"): CreateProcess error=267, The directory name is invalid caused by: CreateProcess error=267, The directory name is invalid</errorMessage>

it looks like I'm running to a problem everytime I want to promote release, it's trying to use w:\rebulid_bnym_6.7_int view, I look under the repository configuration and I don't have any reference in there, but the configuration.xml has an entry in the file, do you know how I can get ride of it?

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Robin Shen [24/Sep/10 11:25 PM]
It might be inherited from parent configurations. If you can send a full backup of your database via "Administration/Data Management", and tell me which build to promote to reproduce the issue, I might be able to point out source of the problem.

Rachid [25/Sep/10 12:30 AM]
a backup has been attached to the ticket

Robin Shen [25/Sep/10 12:45 AM]
Thanks for attaching the database. Which build should I promote to reproduce the issue?

Rachid [25/Sep/10 12:48 AM]
I was trying to promote Textron from QA to UAT configuration

Robin Shen [25/Sep/10 03:18 AM]
During the promotion process, QuickBuild tries to detect changes from repositories used in source build. Although the UAT configuration does not checkout/update any repositories, the source build of the promotion does. In this case it is "root/TMS/TEXTRON6.7", it seems builds are promoted from it to QA and then to UAT.

I also find other problems in your set up. To summarize, I recommend below changes:
1. Do not promote parent configuration to child configuration. For example, you are promoting TEXTRON6.7 to TEXTRON6.7/QA. I suggest to add a separate configuration "TEXTRON6.7/Dev", and set TEXTRON6.7 as "not buildable". "TEXTRON6.7/Dev" is set to promote to "TEXTRON6.7/QA".
2. Define all ClearCase repositories in the parent configuration, and override clearcase viewTag in child configurations so that different view tags and root paths for all child configurations. For this specific subtree, I see that you've defined ClearCase repositories in parent configuration, but you also defined them in child configurations. This is not necessary, and may cause troubles. You only need to override viewTag variable so that different child uses different ClearCase view (root path is not necessarily to be changed since it by default takes workspace of child configuration).

This is applicable for all other configurations.

Robin Shen [25/Sep/10 03:20 AM]
Also I removed the attachments since our issue tracker is publicly visible. For support questions, you may submit support request via QuickBuild or through our web site, instead of creating issues in the issue tracker.

Rachid [27/Sep/10 01:26 PM]
Hi Robin,

In the future I will submit a support request vi QB. I'm not sure if I understand your recommendation steps. I have a build (Textron) that does build the application and also deploy it to dev environment, the promotion to QA does only move the app to QA, I also don't overide the clearcase repositories in the configuration, I do inherit them from the parent (TMS), I still not sure why I see the error even I don't have the reference in clearcase repository.

The goal that I'm trying to achieve, is after doing a dev build someone need to recommend the build then promote, I like the idea of creating TEXTRON6.7/DEV configuration, but I still need the parrent TEXTRON6.7, the steps will look like this:

1. TEXTRON6.7 : this will run the build then call TEXTON6.7/DEV (after recommending the bulid which I don't know how to do it programaticaly)
2. TEXTRON6.7/DEV: will only promote app to Dev and allow user to deploy other build to Dev
3. TEXTRON6.7/QA : will only promote recommended build from Dev and deploy the app to QA
same thing with be tru for UAT

I'm open to your recommendation.

to removethe "W:rebuild_textron" view from clearcase repository, do I need to remove them from database?


Robin Shen [27/Sep/10 02:03 PM]
Hi Rachid,

When promote the build, QB reports clearcase repository error since the original build (generated by TEXTRON6.7) is built using the clearcase repository. Although UAT and QA does not checkout against clearcase, QB still tries to calculate clearcase changes since last UAT or QA build. The detailed explanation can be found here: http://wiki.pmease.com/display/qb30/Promote+Build#PromoteBuild-buildchanges

So to avoid the error, you will need to override clearcase repository in UAT configuration to point to a valid dynamic or snapshot view, since otherwise it will inherit repository setting from its parent, which points to W:\rebuild_textron.


Rachid [08/Oct/10 07:28 PM]

this is still an issue, I still don't see w:\rebuild_textron view in any configuration and I want to get rid of it. Please advise.

Robin Shen [08/Oct/10 10:44 PM]
As have explained, the view "W:\rebuild_textron" is defined in TEXTRON6.7, and when you promote builds to UAT, it collect changes using repository named by "clearcase" which is inherited from TEXTRON6.7. You either need to modify view definition in TEXTRON6.7 to point to a valid view, or override it in UAT configuration to point to a valid view. Please let me know if it works.

Robin Shen [09/Oct/10 09:24 AM]
Or we can schedule a Skype session if this does not work.

Rachid [14/Oct/10 01:51 AM]
can we schedule Skype session please

Robin Shen [14/Oct/10 02:03 AM]
How about 8:00 this Friday at timezone of GMT+8? I hope this time is fine for you.