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Key: QB-2182
Type: New Feature New Feature
Status: Open Open
Priority: Minor Minor
Assignee: Steve Luo
Reporter: Helmut Namyslo
Votes: 1
Watchers: 0

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Add 'GoogleTest Report' step type

Created: 17/Sep/14 01:12 PM   Updated: 17/Nov/15 09:42 AM
Component/s: None
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Fix Version/s: None

Original Estimate: 4 hours Remaining Estimate: 4 hours Time Spent: Unknown
File Attachments: 1. Zip Archive GoogleTestReport-plugin.zip (2 kb)

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I know I could write my own Plugin: [Creating a Test Report Plugin|http://wiki.pmease.com/display/QB51/Creating+a+Test+Report+Plugin#CreatingaTestReportPlugin-ReportAggregation]

But I wonder if *GoogleTest* is used by enough other users and it might be helpful for all of them and not just for me if QuickBuild provides a *GoogleTest Report* step by default.

The format of the result XML file is quite similar to the result files of other UnitTest tools:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<testsuites tests="4" failures="1" disabled="1" errors="0" time="7.92" name="AllTests">
  <testsuite name="MathTest" tests="2" failures="1" disabled="0" errors="0" time="15">
    <testcase name="Addition" status="run" time="7" classname="MathTest">
      <failure message="Value of: add(1, 1)&#x0A; Actual: 3&#x0A;Expected: 2" type=""/>
      <failure message="Value of: add(1, -1)&#x0A; Actual: 1&#x0A;Expected: 0" type=""/>
    <testcase name="Subtraction" status="run" time="2.53" classname="MathTest">
  <testsuite name="LogicTest" tests="1" failures="0" disabled="0" errors="0" time="5">
    <testcase name="NonContradiction" status="run" time="0.112" classname="LogicTest">
  <testsuite name="ChangedNamesTests" tests="1" failures="0" disabled="1" errors="0" time="0">
    <testcase name="DISABLED_TestChangedEvaluationName" status="notrun" time="0" classname="ChangedNamesTests" />

I guess this feature will not create much effort for you. But for us this would be very helpful.

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Helmut Namyslo [24/Nov/14 08:55 AM]
I have just programmed my own Google Test Report Plugin. If you like you can make it a part of the next QuickBuild release.

Steve Luo [27/Nov/14 10:20 AM]
Thank you very much for sharing this plugin to us. I'd like to keep this issue open and see if there is any other user want this.

Benoit Maury-Bouet [09/Nov/15 04:20 PM]
Hi Helmut, I don't know if you'll see this commment, but we're using both QB & gtest on our side too and would be interested in seeing an official plugin support... but if not may be share some code / ideas for a plugin ?

Benoit Maury-Bouet [10/Nov/15 07:05 AM]
Oh yeah didn't notice it at first, I'll try that.
Thanks a lot

Benoit Maury-Bouet [10/Nov/15 03:48 PM]
Hi Helmut,

The plugin works pretty well for me thanks a lot !
I just have an issue, if i specicy **.xml in my publish step I get an error message (but may be more from QB ?)

If I repeat the step for each xml and pass the xml file to the publish step I don't the issue... just wondering if you ran inti this at somepoint ?

16:42:17,574 DEBUG - Finished processing nodes
16:42:17,574 DEBUG - Executing processor [removeDuplicate (DUPLICATE)] ...
16:42:17,576 DEBUG - Executing processor [diffPrevious (DIFF)] ...
16:42:17,576 INFO - Start processing file: H:\quickbuild-5.1.3\quickbuild-6.0.25\temp\abstractpublisherf6fd6a8d-8c63-45d5-925d-99028b82e5c7\DEFAULT
16:42:17,576 INFO - Start processing report: tests
16:42:17,578 WARN - File [H:\QB_5\configurations\15/reports/GoogleTest/DEFAULT/latest.id] doesn't exist.
16:42:17,585 DEBUG - Deleting working directory [H:\quickbuild-5.1.3\quickbuild-6.0.25\temp\abstractpublisherf6fd6a8d-8c63-45d5-925d-99028b82e5c7].
16:42:17,586 INFO - Executing post-execute action...
16:42:17,586 ERROR - Step 'master>New gtest' is failed.
    java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.VerifyError: (class: ASMAccessorImpl_2350836011447170137580, method: getKnownEgressType signature: ()Ljava/lang/Class;) Illegal type in constant pool
        at com.pmease.quickbuild.bootstrap.BootstrapUtils.wrapAsUnchecked(BootstrapUtils.java:56)
        at com.pmease.quickbuild.util.ExceptionUtils.wrapAsUnchecked(ExceptionUtils.java:82)
        at com.pmease.quickbuild.stepsupport.Step.execute(Step.java:549)
        at com.pmease.quickbuild.stepsupport.StepExecutionJob.executeStepAwareJob(StepExecutionJob.java:30)
        at com.pmease.quickbuild.stepsupport.StepAwareJob.executeBuildAwareJob(StepAwareJob.java:45)

Steve Luo [10/Nov/15 04:32 PM]
The error seems caused by MVEL when using JDK8. Do you use JDK8? If so, you can either use JDK7 or upgrade to QB 6.0.30 or upper.

Benoit Maury-Bouet [17/Nov/15 09:42 AM]
Hi Steve,
Sorry for the late reply.
Indeed it was the issue ! thanks a lot