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Release Notes - QuickBuild - Version 10.0.13 - HTML format


  • [QB-3532] - Builds steps are visible via REST API even if user doesn't have permissions to do it


  • [QB-3559] - Improve pre-queue script to return status code and status as necessary
  • [QB-3562] - An option to disable build info post after build is finished for Artifactory deploy step
  • [QB-3565] - QB should limit length of error message written to configuration table
  • [QB-3569] - Change Git reference repository argument to --reference-if-able
  • [QB-3574] - If content contains groovy script, switch to use plain text editor instead of html editor automatically

New Feature

  • [QB-3567] - Quickbuild merge request status report in Gitlab


  • [QB-3561] - QB is slow when editing long groovy code

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