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All Projects : QuickBuild (Key: QB)

Project Lead: Robin Shen
URL: http://www.pmease.com
A build automation and management server.

Release Notes

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Road Map

  30 of 30 issues have been resolved
   Bug QB-167 FIXED LDAP Authentication is cleartext Critical Resolved
   Bug QB-505 FIXED time of calculating SVN revision Critical Resolved
   New Feature QB-322 FIXED Ability to manually trigger build for some time other than "now" Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-142 FIXED Add resource management functionality in Quickbuild Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-205 FIXED Add support for Oracle database Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-178 FIXED Be able to customize build info page Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-179 FIXED Be able to do a 'force checkout' in a repository Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-180 FIXED Be able to run the same build step multiple times in a build Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-452 FIXED Customizable DB backup Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-590 FIXED Easier way to visualize inherited properties... Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-6 FIXED Get issue keys in commit messages to form release notes Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-348 FIXED Gracefully reboots QuickBuild server without affecting current build Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-501 FIXED Improve notifications to allow sending notifications to all who committed since last successful build Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-351 FIXED Parallel Trigger Remote (with option to wait for results, QB-335) Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-260 FIXED Remember variables used to construct a build and display them on the dashboard based on user configuration Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-321 FIXED Seperate promotion permission from build permission Major Resolved
   Bug QB-473 FIXED Spelling fix: Click here to return to dashbaord. Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-156 FIXED Support active links in revision log Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-349 FIXED Support exclude pattern for QuickBuild repository and publish step Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-98 FIXED Tracks who has triggered current build Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-22 WON'T FIX Be able to track each label used when construct a dependent build Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-605 FIXED Be able to adjust width of available steps view Major Closed
   Improvement QB-589 FIXED Cancelling builds in queue Major Closed
   Bug QB-496 FIXED A variable where "allow emtpy" is set to "no" is allowed to be empty Minor Resolved
   Improvement QB-475 FIXED QB2: Add ability to specify whether values provided for a variable on build or promotion are retained globally for all users, for a user, or not retained. Minor Resolved
   Improvement QB-158 FIXED When changing step from 'serial composition' to 'parallel', keep selected items list Minor Resolved
   Improvement QB-461 FIXED When specifying variables that prompt for input when kicking off a build, it would be nice to be able to specify the default Minor Resolved
   Bug QB-472 FIXED Agent does not stop when running agent.sh script on FreeBSD Trivial Resolved
   Improvement QB-182 FIXED Determining Subversion revision number used for build Trivial Resolved
   Improvement QB-542 FIXED On help for "configuration" class, "com.pmease.quickbuild.model.Queue getEffectiveQueue" doesn't link to help on Queue Trivial Resolved
  2 of 3 issues have been resolved
   New Feature QB-914 UNRESOLVED PYUnit integration Major Open
   Task QB-708 WON'T FIX Version of QB plugin for jira 4.12? Major Resolved
   Bug QB-818 CANNOT REPRODUCE Tray monitor does not seem to work with not-trusted, self-signed SSL certificate Major Resolved
  21 of 23 issues have been resolved
   Improvement QB-1005 UNRESOLVED Support comment transfer in build error messages Minor Open
   New Feature QB-1475 UNRESOLVED export statistics to pdf/doc/xls Minor Reopened
   New Feature QB-934 FIXED Add option to disable builds on server Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-43 FIXED Allow build steps to be run after a build has been manually stopped Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-416 FIXED Allow setting up of Email Groups that are not Users in QuickBuild Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-623 FIXED Change logging level for LDAP messages Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-957 FIXED Customize the display color of coverage Major Resolved
   Bug QB-1278 FIXED Deadlock on configuration delete Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-980 FIXED Deleting many directories in pre-execution Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-796 FIXED Display the CheckStyle information directly when view source code from CheckStyle report Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-797 FIXED Display the hits number when viewing source code from Cobertura report Major Resolved
   Bug QB-1042 FIXED Failed builds changeset is empty Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-23 FIXED Log actions performed by each user / Track change history for each object Major Resolved
   Bug QB-1179 FIXED QB Resource Available -1 Major Resolved
   Improvement QB-1190 FIXED Restrict the number of concurrent configurations that a node can run Major Resolved
   Bug QB-1242 FIXED TimeoutException in QuickBuild leads to a truncation of the log files Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-781 FIXED success rate statistics for JUnit test cases Major Resolved
   New Feature QB-296 FIXED Add feature to log when configuration changes are made, and by whom Minor Resolved
   New Feature QB-1039 FIXED Add option to include sync -f to Perforce Minor Resolved
   Improvement QB-1477 FIXED Be able to configure SMTP socket timeout Minor Resolved
   Bug QB-1058 FIXED CLONE -useragent\bin\config.bat not runnable except after chdir to useragent\bin directory Minor Resolved
   Improvement QB-684 FIXED Extend built in condition logic to handle "not" logic Minor Resolved
   Bug QB-981 FIXED New schedule does not take effect if it references variables and if variable value has been changed Minor Resolved


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Resolved Resolved 1892
Closed Closed 335

Open Issues

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